Campfires at Heritage Trails Campground

Campfires are one of the oldest traditions we yearn for and seek escape from the city with our loved ones to gather around and build relationships and bonds. Heritage Trails Campground offers this unique experience all year round with our transient and seasonal camping.

DID YOU KNOW? As of 2022, Heritage Trails Campground offers WINTER CAMPING, campfires in the winter are a super unique experience sure to impress family and friends!

Here are some great ideas for your future campfires at HTC.

  • Smores
  • Hot Dogs
  • Mystic Fire
  • Gouda cheese on crackers with wine or beer for the more sophisticated outing

Wood for your Campfires

Heritage Trails Campground does not permit outside wood (as some wood is unsafe to burn). We have a plentiful supply available, we’ll even deliver it to your site! 

Super charge your Camprefires with Magic Fire

If you’ve never had a Magic Fire you’re really missing out. Kids LOVE it. We offer Magic Fire and other Campfire supplies at our store and again, we can deliver it to your site. Looking forward to seeing you out there!