2022 Is Going To Be Your Best Year

Hello Campers, Roy Tyson here, Founder of Heritage Trails Campground.

If we haven’t had the chance to chat over the holiday season, I’d like to wish you Happy New Year and let me say, 2022 is going to be your best year at HTC! We have some new seasonal campers very excited to move into the park for the 2022 season! We are excited for our grand opening, fireworks, communal fire with a meet and great to welcome our new campers!

We have been working diligently during the winter getting the park ready for spring. We would like to invite all our campers for the weekend of April 28th, any one who would like to volunteer and help with cleanup may stay at their camper for free that weekend! Come on Friday night, enjoy yourself, and we’ll all get started cleanup at 10:00am on Saturday until 4:00pm. We’ll supply lunch and drinks. Please see the EVENTS section of our new website to sign up, you must register in advance to get in for free!

Please join me in welcoming Andy to the Heritage Trails family. Andy is our new Operations Manager.

Andy is having meetings with the Easter Ontario Trail Alliance (EOTA) to maintain our ATV trails.

Our new website is up and running at www.HeritageTrailsCampground.com. We’re open to suggestions of how we can improve our website or the park, we are always accepting positive criticism.

If you’ve been to the website, you will notice there is a tab for events where you can see we have something going on every weekend! You can subscribe with your Google or iPhone calendar to get reminders. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Another thing we are working on is freshening up the store for all our campers.

Want to come camping this winter? Well we’d love to have you, you will notice on our new website there is a tab for winter camping which will give you the information you need as other parks remain closed during the winter season. We will supply hydro, the bathrooms will be open for public use, propane exchange is available (baseboard heaters are not permitted). To come up for winter camping we are charging last year’s transient rate for a back-in site and guests. Seasonal campers please contact Andy to book. We are willing to try this, to see if this is what the majority would like! If it’s a success this year, the following year we will make more improvements – maybe an ice rink for the kids?!

Our new rate for 2022 is $4,250 which includes your immediate family (wife, husband, kids as long as they’re under 18). I’m sure everyone is aware that prices have gone up from groceries, to 2×4’s, even a Big Mac is more expensive! During our investigations we have found the average increase on things in the last year has been up to 150% more expensive. We feel that camping is still one the cheapest things families can do. Our price has gone up by less than one cup of coffee a day. If you put it in comparison with what is going on in the world today, you cannot even buy a quarter pounder with cheese for one person compared to coming into the campground and bringing your whole family.

Your seasonal rate includes Hydro, water and weekly pump out service. We are now able to offer monthly payments, if that’s something you’re interested in just reply to this email and Andy will get you set up. He’s great at helping you out.

We are keeping our guest pass at $500 dollars this year. We found this worked out very well for our campers last year. We will be having stickers made for the cars this year for seasonal, transients and guests.

You’ll notice that every year, we put more money into our park to make it nicer for our campers and guests. We are working on our future of improving the campground to make it more comfortable and have more things to do. Here are just a few of the things we want to do in the future:
We’re working updating our hydro with Hydro One
Looking into building a shop for ATV repairs and plastics
Opening up the Rec Centre with 3 bay doors – all solid glass – with a large deck outside where you can sit and have a beer and watch your kids inside the Rec Centre or outside on the playground
Shuffleboard courts and bocce ball court just outside the pool area
Putting in a dock on our mini lake with paddle boats for adults and kids
Jumping pillow over by the pool
Video monitors in the store and laundry room will feature a feed of photos and videos of you and your family making memories

Heritage Trails Campground is a place that you can be proud to camp at and be a leader in our growing community. I’m proud of the work that’s been done this year and we’re looking forward to our GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION the first week of May. We’re going to have fireworks and much, much more! Check the website for details. Don’t forget, if you’d like to start the season early, come and volunteer on the last weekend in April – the sign up sheet is available on our new and improved website. Again, you must register online in order to show up, please check the events tab on our website.

I would like to thank all our campers who have visited our park, we can see each year it becomes better and better. I am very proud of the park, and look forward to more improvements next year!

Sincerely Yours,
Roy Tyson & Teddy, your little mascot

PS: Teddy is looking forward to seeing all his buddies again!