Marmora KOA

Marmora KOA is now Heritage Trails Campground, come and discover the exciting changes we’ve made since we were known as the Marmora KOA such as:

  • 74 Acres of ATV and Snowmobile tracks
  • 3,000 Foot Rec Center
  • Outdoor Heated Pool

So you can see by becoming Heritage Trails Campground we have been able to offer more value to our campers and ultimately provide a better experience!

We understand the Marmora KOA had a legacy in Marmora and that many local residence have been camping there for 20+ years. It is our goal to always be improving the Resort and we will continue to honor that legacy as Heritage Trails Campground.

2022 Is going to the be out Campgrounds busiest year in history, don’t miss out on your dream vacation by booking right away! This is where you come to have fun, make new friends and new memories!

Also be sure to check out the Campfire Podcast and get to know us even better!

Happy Camping!